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How you plan to dress when visiting Volcanoes National Park matters a lot. Volcanoes Park is located in Ruhengeri, Northwestern Rwanda and it is the country’s most visited park when it comes to gorilla trekking, volcano hiking and golden monkey tracking.

There is no standard dress code for visitors on Rwanda safaris, but travelers are advised to dress in a manner that is respectful. If you are visiting Volcanoes National Park for golden monkey tracking or gorilla trekking, you are advised to dress in respect to environment. Your dress code should be nature-friendly and avoid bright colors especially if you have plans to visit endangered mountain gorillas. Our recommendation;

Long-sleeved shirts

Long-sleeved shirts are recommended when it comes to Volcanoes National Park safari tours. Volcanoes Park is a bamboo and rainforest park, and while on a search for golden monkeys or endangered mountain gorillas, you may encounter nettles, or falling tree branches, thorns and others. To protect you from scratches or pricked, we recommend that you wear long-sleeved shirts.

Waterproof hiking boots

Most of the tour activities in Volcanoes National Park involve hiking through the steep slopes and vegetation. A pair of waterproof hiking boots is one of the essential footwear gears you should have when visiting this park. This footwear gear helps protect your legs from getting wet and makes it easier hiking or walking through the park’s dense vegetation and steep slopes. Before you set off from your lodge to start a gorilla trekking or golden monkey tracking adventure, ensure that you have good waterproof hiking boots.

Sturdy gardening gloves

If you are visiting Volcanoes National Park, gardening gloves are essential for gorilla trekking. Gardening gloves help protect your hands from vines or thorny plants when touched. Volcanoes Park has variety of plant species including thorny and itchy species, and when searching for a gorilla family, you can’t tell when you can come in contact.

Rain jacket

Mountain gorillas in Rwanda occur in the tropical rainforest in Volcanoes N/Park. By nature, this area receives rainfall at any time of the year. When tracking through the jungles, you can’t predict when it will rain and to be prepared and for your safety, a good rain jacket or poncho should be a must-have.

Safari hat

Carry a wide-brimmed hat to help protect you from the hot sunshine. It will be a long day of navigating through the bamboo and rainforest as you look for a family of mountain gorillas, golden monkeys or while you are on volcano climbing in Karisimbi, Bisoke, Gahinga or Muhabura volcanoes.


Weather conditions in Volcanoes Park keep fluctuating and at night, temperatures drop to 10 degrees celsius and it can be cold. A sweater will keep you warm during cold while relaxing at a comfort of your lodge.


A pair of socks should be worn on actual gorilla trekking or golden monkey tracking to protect you from crawling insects that could bite you.