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Rwanda’s unit of currency is the Rwandan franc (Rwf). It is best to arrive in Rwanda with US dollars or Euros in cash, which can be exchanged either at the airport or at any FOREX bureau or bank. The most useful bank branch would be the Banque de Kigali, which offers cash advances on credit cards and also accepts travelers cheques, which is not possible in the provinces.

There are ATMs throughout Kigali that are accessible to visitors.

Credit cards are accepted in some upmarket restaurants and hotels, but it is best to confirm prior to ordering.

Bureaux de change (FOREX Bureaus) are mostly located in Kigali and can offer a slightly better exchange rates than most banks.

All banks and most bureaux de change are closed on Sundays, and on the last Saturday of every month until 11:00 am for the national day of community work, “UMUGANDA”.


It is customary to tip for service in restaurants and bars. A tip of 5% is very acceptable and a tip of 20% is very generous. It is also customary to tip your driver/guide at the end of a safari or hike, as well as the cook and/or porter that may accompany to you.

Tipping is not at any fixed amount and may depend on personal wish.