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Out of the 17 species of reptiles and amphibians on the official list of Virunga Forest, only 12 were actually observed during the 2004 survey that covered the whole of the three contiguous protected areas (Rwanda, DRC, Uganda)


Great Lakes Bush Viper                             Atheris nietschei

Olive house Snake                                        Lamprophis olivaceus

Rwanda Forest Green  Snake                    Philothamnus rwandee

Lizards, Skinks:

Sparce-scaled Forest Lizard                        Adolphus Vauereselli

Jackison’sforet Lizard                                 Adolfus jacksoni

Rwanda five-toed skink                               Leptosiaphus graueri

Striped skink                                                   Mabuya  striata


Chameleons :

Ruwenzori Side –striped Chameleon          Chameleo rudis


Frogs , Toads :

Grauer’s puddle Frog                                   Phrynobatrachus graueri

De Witte’s Clawed frog                              Xenopus Wittei

Ahl’s Reed Frog                                             Hyperolius castaneus

Variable Reed Frog                                       Hyperolius viridiflavies

Cinnamon-belled Reed Frog                       Hyperolius cinnamomeoventris

Kivu Tree Frog                                               leptopelis  kivuensis

Karisimbi Tree Frog                                     Leptopelis  karisimbiensis

Sqeaker Frog                                                   Arthroleptis  adolfi-friederici

Kisolo Toad                                                      Amietophrynus kisoloensis