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How much is a Rwanda gorilla trekking permit? When you think of visiting Rwanda for gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, a gorilla permit should be one must-book item before the actual gorilla trek. Gorilla permits in Rwanda are essential tools because a permit at hand is what allows you to go visit one of the 12 habituated gorilla groups in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda.
All tourists on Rwanda safaris visiting Volcanoes National Park can only be allowed to enter into the park after presenting valid gorilla permits. Additionally, valid gorilla trekking permit is what gives you a chance to spend 1 hour with Rwanda gorillas in the wild.

Why do you need a gorilla permit?

A valid gorilla permit Rwanda is a legal tool that allows you to visit any of the gorilla family (habituated) in Volcanoes National Park. The main reason for you to book a gorilla permit is to facilitate mountain gorilla conservation practices. Protecting gorillas and other wildlife comes at a cost and one source of funds is through gorilla tourism or gorilla safaris. By booking a Rwanda gorilla permit, it means you have supported the goal of saving the endangered mountain gorillas for future generations to also appreciate their existence.

Availability of Gorilla Permits in Rwanda

All gorilla permits in Rwanda are regulated to limit human gorilla interaction and also enable the park authorities generate revenue to help finance conservation activities. The Rwanda gorilla trekking permits are available and strictly booked by persons above 15 years and you will be visiting the already habituated gorilla family group each group trekked by only 8 people per day.

Are Rwanda Gorilla Permits Similar?

Every Rwanda gorilla permit has a unique serial number and trekker’s personal details. It should be noted that, the gorilla permits are non-transferable. To book for Rwanda gorilla trekking permit, you will be required to provide a valid passport and other details.

Cost of Rwanda gorilla tracking permits- 2022/2023

As of 2024, the cost of gorilla permits in Rwanda still stands at US Dollars 1500 per trekker for all tourists on gorilla safaris to Volcanoes National Park. Note, the prices of Rwanda gorilla tracking permits increased from US Dollars 700 to US Dollars 1500 in May 2017.

There is also an option of obtaining a discounted Rwanda gorilla permits. Enjoy a 30% discount offer translating to US Dollars 1050 for Rwanda gorilla permits if you are visiting other Rwanda National Park- Nyungwe Forest National Park and Akagera National Park for 3 days especially during the low or off season that is from May to November.

15% discount on Rwanda gorillas that is US Dollars 1275 for visitors on conference/MICE who stay before or post MICE event to track mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Alternatively, enjoy private gorilla trekking experience where you will visit the whole habituated gorilla family alone but with an exclusive personalized park guide service and permits for this particular experience cost US Dollars 15000. Or spend US Dollars 30,000 for minimum of 3 tourists for three consecutive days to enjoy behind the scenes experience.


What is essential for the tour operator to have your permit booked are personal details of a guest, date in which you intend to go to track Rwanda gorillas. You should share with your tour operator your name details, passport details which should match those you submitted.

Who is allowed to book a gorilla permit?

Not anyone is permitted to book a gorilla permit. Gorilla trekking is specifically done by visitors above 15 years and these the categories recommended to book a valid gorilla permit in Rwanda through the tour operator.

Alternatively, you can have your permit booked through Rwanda Development Board (RDB). Like booking via the tour operators, dealing with a team at RDB also requires you to submit full details, especially full names, your nationality, passport copy, and other details which shall be communicated to you in the process.

The process of booking a Rwanda gorilla permit includes crosschecking the availability of the permit, then it is reserved in case it is available as per the dates you intend to visit gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. The tour operator communicates back to you and once the entire process is done, a scanned copy of the permit is shared with you. The fact that booking a permit requires paying, a visitor is required to make a deposit of the gorilla safari before the actual trip begins.

Depending on the tour operator, usually most companies accept 30% deposit of the total cost of the gorilla tour then you finish the balance later before or when you get to Rwanda for the actual gorilla tour.


The minimum age for Gorilla tracking and hiking is 15 yrs and 12 yrs for Golden Monkeys tracking .There is a quota set for 96 people for gorilla trekking 16 people for golden monkeys tracking and various hikes in the park. You may be denied access to the Park if you are sick with a cold, flu or other contagious illness.

There are Several guidelines That Volcanoes National Park kindly requests all visitors adhere by:

  • To minimize possible transmission of human diseases, visitors are Asked to Maintain a distance of 7 meters (about 22 feet) from the gorillas. If you are sick with a cold, flu or –other contagious illness, please do not visit the gorillas.
  • Viewing time is limited to one hour.
  • Maximum of 8 visitors per group.
  • Spitting in the park is strictly prohibited.
  • Should you need to cough, cover your mouth and turn away from the gorillas.
  • When with the gorillas, keep your voice low.
  • Try not to make rapid movements that may frighten the gorillas.
  • If a gorilla should load or vocalize at you, do not be alarmed, stand still, look away from the gorilla and follow your guide’s directions.
  • Do not litter.
  • Tracking mt. gorillas and hiking can be done by persons of age 15 and above. For golden monkeys the age restriction is set to 12 yrs.

How to obtain your Rwanda gorilla permit?

1st option- Book gorilla permits through tour operator/travel company

The fastest way to have your Rwanda gorilla tracking permit booked is dealing with a reliable local tour operator. It takes a process to have your Rwanda gorilla permit booked and higher chances, you may not have time to go through all the steps that is why a tour operator is the best option.

2nd option directly via Rwanda Development Board- RDB

RDB is Rwanda tourism body and you can get in touch with a reservation team to have your gorilla permit. Available options- send an email to reservation@rwandatourism.com or call using the office contacts available on their site- https://rdb.rw.

Processing Time

A Tourist Permit will be automatically issued by this system upon completion of the process application.

Application Process Applications are made with full details of the client (names and passport email and phone number) at the time of payment.

Bookings and Reservations are done on a first come first served basis. Mountain Gorilla tracking can be booked in Advance Rwandan nationals are expected to pay full amount at the time of booking.

When is the Best Time to book your gorilla permit?

Gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda are available all year-round, but take note that the demand is high and you are advised to book them earlier pre visiting the park for actual gorilla trek. Ensure that you have your gorilla tracking permit in Rwanda booked at least 2-6 months earlier. In most instances, some trekkers book their gorilla permits 1-2 years or more before they visit Rwanda for actual gorilla safari.


Visitors who fail to track gorillas (VNP) the whole day as a result of the Gorilla group’s movement shall be given another chance or receive full refund on their permit. However, those who would have tracked the whole day and failed to make contact with a gorilla family for one reason or another will be refunded 75% of the tracking fee.

No Refund is made in case of late arrivals or flight delay, absence or cancellation of trip for any other reason.