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A visit to Rwanda is goes far beyond trekking mountain gorillas. Aside from getting up close and personal with the endangered mountain gorillas in the jungles of Volcanoes National Park, the Musanze caves should be counted a must-visit on your next trip to Rwanda. The Musanze caves are some of the special attractions that tourists on Rwanda tour should add onto their gorilla safari packages. These caves make up part of the 52 unique caves in the Northern Province of Rwanda.

Musanze caves officially opened to the public in 2014. After the launch, more than 400 visitors were recorded in the pace of 60 days. With introduction of these caves as tourist sites, means increase in tourists’ exploration on a tour in Rwanda and they are recognized for their great economic benefits to the nation entirely.

The amazing about Musanze cave tours is that tourists are in position to explore the unique art pieces showcased by the locals. Additionally, they also demonstrate their unique traditional ways of life, history and cultures provided there is opportunity to do so.

What makes Musanze Caves exceptional?

The Musanze caves are not mere caves, but special historical and cultural sites. During the ancient times, it was from these caves where new kings were crowned. Of recent, they offered shelter to 1000s of refugees during the 1994 Rwanda genocide. At Musanze caves, cave explorers are welcomed by the resistible beauty of the surrounding vegetation.

At Musanze caves, visitors are also position to enjoy the breathtaking view of the spectacular Virunga Volcanoes, especially Mount Gahinga, Karisimbi and Muhabura volcanoes.

Musanze caves have many tunnels, and contain 1000s of bats. As you walk through the tunnels, you can see several of bats hanging on the cave walls. These caves are typical formation of Cenozoic volcanic rocks. The interior is cold and quiet, then you can find streams of water flowing slowly out of the rock ceiling. The length of Musanze caves measure about 2 km and they are the most explored of the many caves in Rwanda. The longest caves in Rwanda is Ubuvumo Bwibihonga and features many parallel lava tubes.

The Musanze caves formed about 65 million years back. They are geographically lying in an area with so much lava flow effect that resulted into creation of the Albertine Rift Valley. They also form part of the basaltic lava layers that originate from Mt. Bisoke & Sabyinyo.

Musanze caves have more than 31 entrances and they all give access to the interior part of the caves. The main entry size to the caves is as small as that of the cathedral. Exploring Musanze caves entirely involves walking through the 2km long dark tunnel with hardened rocks. Inside, there is completely total silence except the whispers of bats and human echoes.

Important things to carry on your cave exploration in Musanze include strong torch, head cap, helmet, hardy gloves, good hiking or walking boots, snacks, bottled water, insect repellent, rain jacket, and others.

The long walk through Musanze caves can take you 2 hours of maneuvering via various tunnels. Visitors interested in caving tours at Musanze pay USD 55 and this is exclusive of tips, accommodation, transport, cigarettes, telephone bills, extra activities and other expenses.

In addition to exploring Musanze caves, tourists can also take on different activities including hand-on experiences like basket weaving; learn how locals use hunting tools like bows and arrows; local beer making –Ugwagwa, the local brew that they make using a particular banana species.

You can also add the numerous experiences in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda. This park is most famous for gorilla trekking –opportunity to encounter mountain gorillas while in their natural habitat, mountain/volcano hiking/climbing, cultural tour at Iby’Iwacu cultural village, golden monkey tracking, birding and others.

Where are Musanze Caves found?

Musanze caves are among the many iconic attractions located in Musanze District, Northwestern Rwanda. Musanze is by far, the most preferred district/region when it comes to tourism. Other than Musanze cave exploration, the country’s leading safari highlights are carried out in Musanze region including gorilla trekking, trekking to the graveyard of Dian Fossey, golden monkey tracking, volcano hiking, twin lake tours, birding, and others.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

The entrance fees to this incredible site is only $55 per person, and are booked from the Rwandan Development Board offices in Rwanda. Before entering the caves, tourists are provided with helmets to protect themselves from the bats, tourists are always advised to cover their mouths when in the cave and advised to use torches because of the darkness in the caves. When in the cave, tourists are advised to move within their group and not divert because the cave has a lot of corners, hence can end up getting lost.

How to reach Musanze caves

Musanze caves are accessible all year round, but better to travel during the dry months: June, July, August, September, December, January & February. Visitors can drive from Kigali city to Northwestern Rwanda, about 2-3 hours’ drive.

Besides the Musanze caves, tourists can visit other attractions with Musanze Province and they include Twin Lakes of Ruhondo and Bulera, Bisoke and Karisimbi Volcanoes, the Dian Fossey Grave, Musanze caves, golden monkeys, Buhanga Eco-Park (former place for the coronation of former Rwandan Kings and Mountain gorillas.

Therefore, besides the iconic mountain gorillas that Rwanda is largely known for, tourists can also explore the Musanze caves when on a safari in Rwanda. Visiting these caves cerates everlasting memories in the lives of tourists.


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