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Most visitors to Volcanoes National Park take time and pay tribute to Dian Fossey, an American primatologist who dedicated her life in studying the mountain gorillas by taking a hike to Dian Fossey Grave. This activity starts in the morning hours and a hike takes about 6 hours. The hike leads you to the Karisoke Research Center, the place where Dian Fossey operated from.

This is also where she was killed by poachers while protecting the mountain gorillas. Her grave at Karisoke is next to ‘Digit’, her favorite mountain gorilla. Digit was killed by poachers, just like all the other mountain gorillas buried here.

The Karisoke Center is an impressive site. It will educate you about mountain gorillas and takes you through the history of gorilla conservation. The hike starts from the foot of Mount Bisoke and the research center is located in between Bisoke and Karisimbi.