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Mountain Bisoke elevation is 3711m and this volcano lies on the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mountain Bisoke is a dormant volcano and it has a huge crater lake at the summit with about 400m of diameter and it is found on the Rwandan side. This mountain is one of the popular destinations for hikers.

Mountain Bisoke is relatively challenging to hike but feasible to do even for first-time hikers. In Bisoke Mountain, there are a decent number of mountain gorillas and there is a possibility to encounter them on the way hiking.

Encountering golden monkeys is almost a guarantee as well. Reaching the top of the mountain, the view of the Crater Lake is breathtaking and incredibly rewarding! There is beautiful scenery of Rwanda’s hilly landscape. You are also able to view the summit of Mikeno Mountain in DRC. This hike can take up to 4 hours to go up and will do 2 hours going down.

Climbing mount Bisoke:

  • This hike consists of hiking up Mt Bisoke to the Crater Lake Summit
  • The starting elevation is 2700m above sea level
  • Group size is at least one person
  • Professional tour guide and 4X4 tour vehicle
  • Porter service: $10 to carry your backpack. It is recommended to hire a porter, however light your bag may feel. Oxygen gets less and less accessible and the trip gets tiresome super fast.
  • Vegetation zones vary depending on the altitude: A little bamboo that ends at 2800m, through Hagenia Hypericum from 2800-3200m, to Sub-alpine on top