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The mountain gorilla population is recovering greatly – thanks to the efficient conservation programmes  of the last thirty years, the population of the mountain gorillas has been steadily increasing in the Virunga forest, especially in Volcanoes National Park, while there were only about 250 in the 1960”s , their total  population currently amounts to 480 animals (census 2010). But they remain one of the most threatened species in the world, due to their reduced numbers and reduced habitat, and this is why intense conservation efforts will need to  be continued in the future.

Please note that it is not possible to book specific groups of gorillas in advance. Visitors will be allocated  to a group the day of the hike.

As  mountain  gorillas  can  catch  many   human  diseases , strict  rules   have  been  set  up  for  visitors, one  single  spread  of  an  epidemic  disease  could  quickly  wipe  out  most  of  the  population.  Gorilla   tourism has  actually  saved the  mountain  gorillas  in  the  virunga  forest  up  to  now. It  should  in  no  way  became  a  threat  to  these  fascinating  creatures.