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The Susa Gorilla Family lives at a relatively higher altitude and most challenging mountain gorilla group to trek. The family was researched on and made famous by Dian Fossey an American zoologist who had taken long studying the mountain gorillas in Rwanda with her research base at Karisoke for over 20 years. This family had the highest mountain gorilla population of 42 mountain gorilla individuals but it was reduced to 28 individuals including 3 silverbacks 3 male mountain gorillas.

This gorilla family derived its name from the Susa River that flows through the gorilla family’s home range. The Susa gorilla family has some of the oldest habituated mountain gorillas especially poppy. Poppy was born in 1976 and it is said to be from one of Dian Fossey’s gorilla groups and its very famous for her twin mountain gorillas (Impano and Byishimo). Unfortunately the mother gorilla left one of the new born twins due to hardship in taking care of two of them in the forest.

Since the Susa family is hard to get to, it can be best trekked by the physically fit and adventurous tourists capable of hiking for a long time. For easy trekking of the mountain gorillas in the Susa family, trackers first go ahead of the tourists to trace where the family is and then directs the tourists accordingly. Trekking the Susa family is offers exciting moments especially as tourists watch the twin mountain gorillas jump and play around. Other gorilla individuals in the family are seen either feeding or relaxing around the thickets.