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New Baby Born in Sabinyo Group

New Baby Born in Sabinyo Group


ORTPN has a pleasure to announce the public that on Saturday 11 September 2004, we had a new baby gorilla from SABYINYO group. This follows the birth of another baby from AMAHORO B group on 26 July 2004 and twins from the largest SUSA group by the end of May 2004.

This increase in mountain gorilla numbers is good news and a good picture of the efforts of conservationist. According to last year census there has been an impressive 17 percent increase since 1989 in the population of this highly endangered great Ape. Rwanda alone counts 22 births from October last year, which offers a good picture of the importance and impact that our country has attached to conservation.

We are taking this opportunity to invite every body to visit and enjoy the experience with Rwanda Mountains Gorillas.