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Bill and Melinda Gates Visit Mountain Gorillas

Bill and Melinda Gates Visit Mountain Gorillas


The Rwanda Office of Tourism played host to the Gates family who visited the Akagera Game Park were they had an evening Game drive and enjoyed the Hospitality of Akagera Game lodge.On the second day of their stay in Rwanda they visited the Mountain Gorillas in The Volcanoes National Park. After what they described as an incredible and amazing experience, As an honour to their visit to Rwanda the Director General of Rwanda tourism and National parks invited the Gates family to name a baby Gorilla which they named Keza (the cute one) after visiting the Sabyinyo Group.

Rwanda recently held its second public gorilla naming ceremony the guest of Honour was President of the Senate Hon Vincent Biruta who named a Gorilla Urumuli(meaning light) and the First lady Madame Jeanette Kagame named the Baby Gorilla Agaseke(meaning a basket an ornament that is in most Rwandese household a treasure for Rwanda) they also invited foreign embassies to name baby gorillas as a recognition to the Nationalities that sent many tourists to Rwanda,80 Nationalities of the world visited the Gorilla’s last year .

Today Rwanda can boast having among the families – Big Ben Named by the British Embassy, Liberty Named by the American Embassy, Katrina named by the Netherland Embassy and Laurentina Kabiligi named by the Belgium Embassy .

Rwanda received close to 12,000 guests trekking the mountain gorillas every year,Gorilla trekking has attracted lots of premium tourists to Rwanda. Last year Seagourney Weaver was in Rwanda for 2weeks filming Gorilla’s revisited as a follow up to her Movie Gorilla’s in the mist which will come out later this year.