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At the time of habituation, the group had only 13 members and hence its name. Currently, it comprises of over 25 members with one silverback gorilla, twelve adult females, two sub adult female, three juveniles and seven baby gorillas.

Before, it was headed by Nyakarima whom Agasha challenged. Agashya really made news by simply viewing and imagining the size and energy of Nyakarima but later being defeated by Agashya. Agashya migrated to the volcano to seek protection of his family and ensure that Nyakarima never gets them again.

Historically, this silverback is known for his forceful grabbing of members from the rest of gorilla families and succeeding the lonely ones into his making it one of the largest groups with 25 members. This silverback is also famous for its behavior of migrating to higher altitude with his members.

What is fascinating is that whenever tourists visit this group, Agashya becomes suspicious of other silverbacks and the only thing he does is to continue moving on top of the volcano.