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With a total of 11 mountain gorilla members, Ugenda family inhabits the Karisimbi volcanic area and has 2 silverbacks. This mountain gorilla family is also difficult to trek because it always move from one area to another thus the name Ugenda that explains the family’s characteristic.

This is one of the most unique families in the Volcanoes National Park. Like identical twins, the 27 gorillas in this group have a very striking resemblance. When you look at their major body features from head to toe, you will spend the next one hour trying to tell them apart but without much luck. You will be amazed by the perfection with which God created them.

Astonishingly, the ranger guides can tell them apart without necessarily seeing them, but by hearing the tone of their vocalizations and rate of heartbeat per minute. This follows a connection they developed with them since the time of their habituation few years back. Using this prior exposure, they will identify for you the different individuals and share with you their captivating life stories, highlighting their best and worst moments. Ugenda is made of 11 members including 2 silver backs.

Tracking the Ugenda Family

This Group’s name means “being on the move” and was named because it was always moving from one area to another. Since it’s not in one place, tracking it may be some how difficult and involves also moving from one place to another to locate them.

In conclusion, gorilla trekking is best done in habituated gorilla families. Each group offers a rare experience and in order to explore more, it is better to at least to visit two groups to compare the experiences thereafter as each comes with different stories based on the great conservation success in Rwanda.