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It is believed that no other gorilla group had such a special place in the heart of Dian Fossey than the Titus. This is partly because they shared a lot in common. Like her, this gorilla which is comprised of 8 members went through very many low moments and yes, she witnessed so many of them. For instance, she witnessed how its group leader was born amidst excruciating labour pain by his mother. He was called Titus. Fossey was also there when his father, brother and uncle (Digit) were brutally poached. This horrifying incident left the gorilla’s mother and sister very traumatized. Eventually, they found themselves forced to join other families where they were offered security.

In an effort to repopulate his group with the intention of filling up the emptiness that was brought by the death of his father and uncle, Titus fathered 20 babies with the five females in his group and lots from others. By the time of his death in September 2009 (at the age of 35), Titus had been overthrown by his son, Kuryama, the incumbent King of the Titus Monarchy. The group is based on the eastern slopes of the Karisoke volcano, not so far from the grave of their Godmother, Dian Fossey.