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This is a splitter group from Kwitonda. This is one of the newly formed gorilla families. The group is made up of 17 members. These include 2 silverback gorillas, 3 adult femals, 2 black backs, 2 subadult males and 5 infants.

Kwisanga group is led by the dominant silverback gorilla called Kigoma. It is one of the new gorilla families in the Volcanoes National Park. It was formed n 4th May 2021. Kigoma left the Kwitonda gorilla family and the group has never returned.

The group split into two and what is unique is that Kwisanga took off with exactly half of 32 members of the Kwitonda Family.

Since Kwisanga and Kwitonda were formed, the groups have met a number of times without any aggressive interactions, allowing members from the two families to meet and socialise. Kwisanga was given this name by Sauti Sol a kenyan music banda at the Kwita Izina 2022.

Kigoma the Silverback Gorilla
Kigoma the leader of the Kwisanga Gorilla Family

Tracking the Kwisanga Gorilla Family

Since the family was already habituated for gorilla visits, the Kwisanga Family is also readily available to tourists who go gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park.