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This family mainly comprises of 11 individuals and 1 silverback. It can be tracked within the Karisoke volcano slopes. It is led by Bwenge silverback. Bwenge group was established in 2007 at a time when Bwenge split off from his original family and other females joined him.
The family is always located on the Slopes of the Karisoke Volcano. The group is currently led by a silverback named Bwenge and was formed in 2007 when he left his natal group and was gradually joined by females from other groups.


After being overthrown from heading the Titus group, Titus formed Beetsme group in 2007. For over 5 years, he ruled iron fist and fathered over 20 babies from both within his group and others. One of these babies was Bwenge, an ambitious son who upon clocking 19 years led a revolution that led to the formation of this group.

He was followed by two females from his former group and females from Pablo’s group. Together, they helped him a lay a strong foundation for a small kingdom that now boasts of 11 members. They live in the slopes of Mountain Karisoke. The group lost 6 infants, most of whom were victims of fights with other groups.

This group has had some hard times; this is because there were some deaths of 6 infants. However now the group is growing strong with several births in the last few years. It also has a strong capable silverback leader.

Tracking the Bwenge Gorilla Family

The fascinating thing about this group is that, it also appeared in the movie “Gorillas in the Mist!”. Getting to this gorilla family is also a little challenging because it involves a hike of about 2 to 3 hours through the trails and steep slopes. The trekking paths are at times wet making it muddy and slippery hence a big challenge for one to hike through the steep slopes at the same time.