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Amahoro is the Rwandan world meaning peace.

This group is the most peaceful gorilla family that lives on a gentle slopes of the Virunga Mountains. Its dominant silverback who was named Ubumwe is indeed very peaceful and thus the name.

Every year, Rwanda organises Kwita Izina, a gorilla naming ceremony held at the foothills on the park. Gorillas are named according to their characters, times or circumstances at the time as well as other several reasons. During second edition in 2005, this group was named Amahoro, a Kinyarwanda word which means someone or something whose peacefulness is profoundly inspiring.

The Amahoro family comprises of 21 individuals; 3 silverback, 1 black back, 7 adult females, 2 sub adult males, 2 juveniles and 6 infants.

Though Amahoro is known to be peaceful, the peace in this gorilla family came at a cost. On May 4th, 2002, the dominant Silverback that led the group, Amahoro died at the age of about 31 years. After his death the two subordinate Silverback gorillas Ubumwe and Charles could not agree on who would lead the family. The family split into two; the main Amahoro led by Ubumwe and another led by Charles. Charles’s group was later called Amahoro B and today it is known as the Umubano Gorilla Family.

The Ubumwe silverback was the most gentle silverback but unfortunately he lost his family members to Charles. Ubumwe, the group’s silverback is so peaceful, easy going and calm, he has lost group members to Charles in the Umubano group. Ubumwe also died and today the group is led by Gahinga.

Tracking the Amahoro Gorilla Family

Hiking through this group is a bit strenuous but the hike comes with encounters of these impressive wild creatures in their natural habitat.Amahoro, is the most peaceful of all the gorilla groups. To reach Amahoro one must endure a fairly steep climb however the climb is well worth it once in contact with this tranquil group.

Indeed, the 21 members of this group are true ambassadors of peace. They are very tolerant to tourists and only put up a fight when in fear that they are in danger.