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Red Rocks Rwanda

Red Rocks Rwanda Campsite

Red Rocks Rwanda Campsite

Red Rocks Rwanda


The Red Rocks Rwanda Campsite is located in a short distance from Musanze. It is located close to the head trail of mountain gorilla trekking is about 12-15 km, just a 30 minutes drive.



The Red Rocks Rwanda Campsite is located in a short distance from Musanze. It is located close to the head trail of mountain gorilla trekking is about 12-15 km, just a 30 minutes drive.

Red Rocks Hotel is a popular accommodation option located in Musanze, Rwanda, which is close to Volcanoes National Park. The park is located in the northern part of Rwanda and it is known for protecting almost half of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas which can be sight during gorilla trekking experience.

Accommodation: Red Rocks Hotel typically offers a range of accommodation options in form of single, double/twin comfortable rooms and possibly other types of lodging like cottages or suites.

Amenities: The hotel may provide various amenities to enhance guests’ stay, such as dining options, conference facilities, free WIFI, out door swimming poor, room service, friendly staff and services to assist with organizing activities in the area.

Rooms at Red Rocks Musanze

The Guesthouse has qualified personnel, who have handled clients of different origins and have good interpersonal and customer care skills.

You will surely feel at home.
Its got a very clean environment and the rooms are consistently clean with warm water, a television and soon internet services will be put in place.


Red Rocks Musanze prices:

A single room is $35 per room with shared bathroom,
Double room $50
A Triple Room $60,
All rates are based on bed and breakfast but for the dorm a bed will cost $15 without breakfast in a shared bathroom.

Facilities of Red Rocks Musanze

  • In regard to internet, clients can surf on one PC( laptop) for now and we will plan for the WIFI in the future as business grows.
  • Clients can cook if they want to make their special meals and we are putting a fridge where they will be able to order for the drinks.
  • The guest house also has a small library shelf where a client can bring a book and take one he/she likes or read and leave the book in the shelves.
  • People can get BBQ in our garden which is not happening in our garden and this is not happening anywhere in town, they can decide to participate in the meet roasting.
  • In regard to public transport means, as soon as you reach the stage, you can call the guest house and they will pick you up and take you there. It is a short walk able distance.
  • There are no mosquitoes at the Guest house and therefore nets are rather a bather to some convenient sleeping and if any request is made, we have enough nets for our clients.

Restaurants and bars:

It is surrounded by many Restaurants and bars just about 10-15meters form the main road. Popular restaurants include;

  • Tourist restaurant,
  • Virunga restaurant,
  • Silverback restaurant

Activities done at the lodge

  1. Cultural and Community Engagement: Red Rocks Hotel is known for its emphasis on community engagement and cultural experiences. They often offer activities and workshops that allow guests to interact with the local community, learn about Rwandan culture, and support local initiatives.
  2. Guided Tours and Activities: The hotel may assist guests in organizing various activities, with a focus on exploring the natural beauty and wildlife of Volcanoes National Park. This may include gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, and other wildlife experiences.
  3. Art and Craft Center: Red Rocks Hotel may also have an art and craft center where guests can observe or participate in traditional crafts and art forms. Also, a client can buy different souvenirs from these centers.

Please keep in mind that specific details about Red Rocks Hotel, including facilities, services, and prices, may change over time. For the most up-to-date information, it’s recommended to visit their official website or contact them directly. Enjoy your stay.

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