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Jack Hanna Cottage

Jack Hanna’s Cottage is one of the best places to stay in the Volcanoes National Park area. Set within an unspoiled natural environment it’s a good place to stay especially when going for a gorilla safari in Rwanda.



Located at the bottom of the beautiful Virunga Volcano Mountain Ranges in the northern part of Rwanda, this Jack Hanna’s Cottage is a nice place to stay set within an unspoiled natural environment, and it’s a good place to stay especially when going for a gorilla trek in Rwanda.

Jack Hanna’s Cottage has been renovated and it is now managed by the One and Only Resort.

Accommodation at Jack Hanna’s Cottage:

Spending your nights very close to the natural habitat of the amazing mountain gorillas is a mong the top most reasons why you should opt to stay at Jack Hanna’s Cottage. This cottage belongs to Jack Hanna – a renowned American zookeeper; so staying here will offer you an opportunity to stay in Jack’s favorite place each time he takes a holiday to escape from his very busy lifestyle back in his home country.

The scenic terrain surrounding the cottage is very breathtaking offering the guest the perfect setting to unwind, especially after trekking the gorillas for hours, or after climbing one of the volcanoes. While here, you will enjoy the beautiful views of Rwanda’s rolling hills as well as the verdant valleys covered with different trees including Eucalyptus trees.

Guests staying at Jack Hanna Cottage will enjoy utmost privacy  as the residences with 2-bedroomes are have separate living rooms, dining rooms as well as wide wrap-around verandahs. On the other hand, the cottages are restricted to accommodate just four people, to guarantee total privacy. For guests traveling in bigger numbers, there are an additional two rooms tat can accommodate four people and these can certainly be arranged for you’re at the time of reservation.

Dining and Wining

There is a private chef who caters for the Guests received here and be ready to be surprised each time you sit down for a meal at Jack Hanna Cottage. Returning at your accommodation after a tiring day of adventure out in the wilderness gets better when you’re welcomed with a nicely set fire place where you can enjoy the breathtaking views as you sip a nice drink. There is a full time bulter to ensure that all the guests are comfortable and personally attended to.


  • En suite bathroom facilities with shower and a tub shampoo and soap
  • Water Heaters
  • Tea or coffee in the cottage
  • Television
  • Charging outlets within the room(220v)
  • An in-room safe
  • Laundry done at an additional fee
  • Accept Credit cards (Visa)

What to do

For any Safari in Rwanda to be deemed as complete, one should track the mountain gorillas living in this country. Spending a day out in the forests of Volcanoes National Park search on foot through the forest undergrowth is a very unique experience. However there are also various other primates living within this country, so opting to take a safari to trek the golden monkeys is similarly a very rewarding adventure.

While at Jack Hanna’s Cottage you may as well decide to visit the Diane Fossey Karisoke Camp, remain back at the cottage and unwind as you appreciate the calmness and peace in this part of the continent.

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