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Amahoro Guest House

Amahoro Guest House

Amahoro Guest House

Amahoro Guest House



Amahoro Guest House is a 2 star lodge located at Musanze Town. The lodge lies within a distance of 14 minutes drive from the Volcanoes National Park. The bed and breakfast lodge offers a great place to stay during your gorilla trek in Rwanda.

The lodge lies within a 10 minute ride away from Musanze Town and nearly a mile away from the Musanze Caves.

Community activities you can enjoy at Amahoro Guest House;

  1. Knowledge exchange:
    Participate in teaching either English, football, basketball, running or other sports at a local school.
  2. Weaving: Visit the local women weaving the baskets and learn how they design these baskets as well as understanding where the sell them and the challenges they face in their daily work. Different baskets have different functions and names there you will learn all the information about the local baskets
  3. Markets: Visit the two markets to see how the local traders in Musanze trade as well learn to bargain for some of the things before you go to the guest house to prepare your food. Markets are divided into two that is food and grocery market and merchandise market and they are all demarcated well by a wall fence form the town center.
  4. Farming: You can decide to visit the local ladies in their farms and take off your shoes to get dirty by participating in the digging process. This process can be physical but very interesting as you will make the locals appreciate tourism in their communities. You can as well teach them the new and better methods of farming this way you will be contributing greatly to community.
  5. Cooking: Decide one evening to go to a local homestead to prepare food with the women for lunch or dinner. This will enable you to get acquitted with the way local people eat and the food they eat.
  6. Brewing: Local people enjoy their local brew (Alcohol) and there fore you can decide to take off your shoes and make this local beer with your feet as well as learning the chemistry behind the distillation process of this locally cherished drink. Get to know where they sell it and how much they benefit out this activity.
  7. Twin Lakes: You can visit the famous twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo and see the lifestyle of the adjacent communities around the lakes, enjoy a boat cruise or relax at the lake. While at this sport you will be able to visit the traditional healer in his garden who treats about 90% of the local population with his herbs and he will explain to you the different types of diseases he treats.
  8. Explore the city: After your activity with school, twin lakes, traditional healers etc you can take an evening walk around town with a guide and check out happening places. Visit the local cinema halls, discotheques and sports halls to catch you favorite team tussle it out.

Do you have any wishes or ideas by yourself? Please let us know, maybe we can work something out for you!

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