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Trekking mountain gorillas in Rwanda is a front row experience to the jungle. All factors and conditions such as weather, terrain, folliage, proximity to the capital and security offer a prime experience, just enough for it to be considered an adventure without having to break ones back.

Gorilla trekking is a close up experience as compared to most primates and wildlife that are observed at a distance or on trees. You will get to spend an hour in close proximity with a family of mountain gorillas after a trek that takes one to three hours depending on the family you visit.The familys of mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park are habituated to human beings so they usually go on about their business totally unperturbed. Trekking mountain gorillas offers you more than just an encounter but a unique and priviledged insight into their gentle lives in the wild that is every penny's worth.

For an educational experience we recommend you visit the Karisoke Research Center before or after gorilla trekking. The center has a public exhibit space, laboratories and all soughts of information related to gorillas. They also have useful information on how you can join the fund and become a partner in the conservation of Mountain Gorillas.


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Gorilla Trekking


6:00 a.m Arrive at the park's entrance

You will be welcomed in the misty morning by a Cup of fresh coffee or tea accompanied by cultural songs and dance performed by local entertainers.

7:00 a.m You will join a group of 8 people and your guide for the day as your trek begins.

The trek up the slopes takes anything from an hour to three hours. It all depends on which group you are trekking as some are closer to the slopes than others. They also tend to migrate further up in colder weather and this gives you enough time to appreciate the views of the Volcanoes and communicate with the guides who are genuine enthusiasts

You will then Spend an hour in close proximity with a group of mountain gorillas. They are all habituated to human beings so they usually go on about their daily business totally unperturbed. The mountain gorillas offer us more than just an encounter but a unique priviledge of immersive insight into their gentle lives in the wild.

11:00 a.m/ 12:00 You will receive your trekking cerificate from the park wardens which is a small gesture for appreciating your contribution to conservation. You will also have just enough time as you drive out of the park to shop for and shop for souvenirs, mostly small wooden cyrved minatures of gorillas and other forms of local art that feature mostly the mt.gorilla and the volcanoes as a central theme.