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Gorilla tours are the biggest tourism packages in Africa as millions of people around the world are soliciting to have an encounter of gorillas in their natural environment. Gorilla tours bring a person more close to the natural and green environment since watching these amazing animals that are almost similar to mankind is very intriguing and cultivating. The gorillas in the wild are only found in Africa and in the eastern central part of it and not all countries that have gorillas offer gorilla trekking tours to people. There are a few countries that carry out the activities and the most notable and conducive ones are Uganda and Rwanda.

The best way of taking a gorilla tour is by visiting Uganda or Rwanda or one can do a double gorilla trekking tour whereby one can visit both of the two countries. These two countires have the most majestic animals called the mountain gorillas. These animals are elusive and intelligent in the way they behave. They are socially organized in that you can think that they are human beings only that they live in the wild areas.

Unfortunately mountain gorillas are endangered species of animals that are getting extinct in the forthcoming generations if not preserved and conserved well as indicated by the International Union of Nature for Conservation. These animals suffer from loss of habitats caused by human activities and also diseases like Ebola that has narrowed down their number and these are only about 900 in population in the whole world.  It is Uganda and Rwanda that has put more emphasis of making these wonderful animals to be visited by promoting gorilla tourism where they can make people know how important these huge primates are to the world. They have reserved the areas where these animals are found so that they are easily spotted by people. In Uganda there is Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park and in Rwanda there is volcanoes national park.

In Rwanda and Uganda is where one can try these gorilla tours and derives the greatest life experience. At a gorilla tour one travels to the gorilla home by a safari car which is most cases the Toyota RAV4, a Toyota land cruiser, or super custom 4WD since they are the most common cars used for safari tours in both Rwanda and Uganda.

At the national parks, visitors hike through the hilly forests in search of the gorillas. Hiking and searching for the gorilla takes around 2-8 hours but this is very adventurous nature walk through the jungle as one encounters lots of fauna and flora. Gorillas are found uphill in the mist of the forest but this is an exhilarating nervous experience as one makes an eye contact with the huge beasts. These animals are so peaceful and gentle so one should not be scared of them.

It is very exciting to come up close with these animals and lots of people make good remarks of trekking the gorillas in their natural environment. They have also influenced their friends and relative to take gorilla safaris in Uganda or Rwanda.

Don’t miss out on watching the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats since at anytime they are getting extinct.