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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How come its $1500 for gorilla trekking in Rwanda yet its less in Uganda and in D.R Congo?
  • There are many reasons but the most prominent one is the proximity the Volcanoes National Park to the capital kigali which is only an hours drive compared to 10hrs from kampala to Bwindi National Park in Uganda or 12 hours from Kinhasa the capital of D.R Congo to Virunga National Park. The park is generally more penetrable with less foliage and above all the security in rwanda is unrivalled in the continent
  • What is the best time of the year to visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda?
  • From June to October its is usually the dry season, from October to November its rainy season which is followed by dry season from December to February. Mountain gorillas can be visited all year round at the volcanoes national park but most people consider its ideal to visit during the dry season so as to avoid the rain though its also true that the mountain gorillas are also less intoxicated from their bamboo shoots when its dry.
  • I am a resident awaiting my resident permit can i purchase a gorilla trekking permit at resident's rate?
  • No. Untill you get your residents permit there will be no way for the park attendants to confirm. What is advisable is to book a gorilla permit in advance due to its limited availability at a future set date where you are sure to have you resident permit in hand. That way you can take advantage of your resident card before you actually get one
  • What is a gorilla trekking permit?
  • A gorilla trekking permit is a specific permit issued by the Volcanoes National Park only for gorilla trekking.
  • How long do you spend with gorillas?
  • Your permit allows you to spend only an hour with the gorillas.
  • How close can one get to the gorillas?
  • You are surpossed to be atleast keep 5 meters away though nothing stops the mountain orillas from comming closer to you, close enough to to get a selfie. Though human contact is not encouraged it is for their protection but sometimes it cant be avoided. Usually this occurs when the mountain gorilla is curious,attracted or intimidated and its mostly peaceful.
  • Can one come to the park from Kigali using local public means such as buses?
  • Yes you can but for most activities to be conducted within the park you need a 4x4 vehicle to take you from the park entrance to your trekking trail. If the point is to save money it wouldnt be smart to hike a bus just to later hire a safari jeep. For those interested in just the park activities you can organize for arental 4x4 to pick you from kigali heading to Musanze