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Are you planning to travel to the Volcanoes National Park? The Volcanoes National Park attracts all categories of visitors and they include foreign, foreign nonresidents and East African citizens/Rwandese. The park entrance and safari activities fees vary depending on visitor category and the kind of activity you plan to undertake on Rwanda tour in Volcanoes National Park.

Activity Fees

Gorilla Permit Cost;

Gorilla trekking is the prime adventure in Volcanoes N/Park, and visitors require a valid gorilla permit to be allowed into the park to enjoy this experience. Each of the Volcanoes N/Park’s gorilla permit is issued at USD1500 per person, and it covers the park entrance fees, gorilla conservation fee, and park ranger guide service. Over 96 gorilla permits are available for issuing to guests on Rwanda safaris to Volcanoes National Park. Obtaining your gorilla permit in advance is recommended for all guests visiting Volcanoes N. Park for gorilla trekking.

To take part in gorilla trekking, it is mandatory to obtain a gorilla permit. A gorilla permit costs US$1500 per person and it is advisable to book one well in advance. Currently, there are discounts for Africans and the discounted price of US$500 is valid up to 31st December 2022.

Golden monkey tracking

Visiting Volcanoes National Park for golden monkey tracking also requires you to have valid golden monkey permits. Each of Rwanda’s golden monkey permits is issued at USD100 for foreign nonresidents, USD80 foreign residents while East African citizen/Rwandese pay USD65.

Dian Fossey hike

Dian Fossey hiking permits cost foreign non-residents USD75, foreign residents USD60 and Rwandese USD55. Obtaining Dian Fossey hike permit allows you to undertake a hike to the Dian Fossey tomb site to explore in-depth about the gorilla conservation legacy.

Mount Bisoke trek

Hiking to the top of Bisoke volcano costs foreign nonresidents USD75, foreign residents USD60 and Rwandan plus East African citizens USD55. You can book your permits with a reliable tour operator on ground or directly via the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Karisimbi volcano hike

Karisimbi volcano hike permits are issued at USD400 for foreign residents, foreign nonresidents at USD250 and USD200 for East African citizens/Rwandese. Hiking to the summits of Karisimbi takes 2 days, it is the highest volcano of the 8 Virunga Massifs rising an altitude of 4507m. Its summits overview other Virunga Volcanoes and nearby local communities.

Gahinga hike

Gahinga volcano hike requires permits and each hiking permit is issued at USD75 for foreign nonresidents, USD60 foreign residents and Rwandese USD55 and East African citizens USD65. Gahinga volcano is one of the hiked chain Virunga Mountains in East-Central Africa. It can be hiked while in Rwanda and Ugandan side in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Guided nature walks

Nature walks offer a remarkable opportunity to tourists to immerse themselves deep into the forest to explore the hidden habitats in Volcanoes National Park. This costs USD55 for foreign residents, USD35 for Rwandese/East African citizens and EAC foreign residents USD45.

Camping fee

Interested in camping? Guests to Volcanoes N/P can camp near the park and camping fee is USD30 for foreign & foreign nonresidents, USD10 for Rwandese or East African citizens, and East African foreign residents USD20.


it is important to know that gorilla trekking takes place in the Volcanoes National Park. You need to use a 4×4 to reach the Volcanoes National Park located in Northern Rwanda.

A medium rental car goes for $80 to $100 per day while comfortable jeeps and land Cruisers range between $200 to $300 a day.

The price ranges are only for car hire / rental without fuel.


It is important to stay atleast a night within the Volcanoes National Park before you actual trekking day. This will help you get acclimatised to the high altitude of the park.

There are several lodges within the area. The price of the lodging highly determines the cost of the tour. There is a variety of lodges that are always classified as Budget, Midrange, Luxury and Super Luxury.

  • Budget accommodation ranges between $30 to $60 per night
  • Mid-range at $80 to $180
  • Luxury accommodation Bwindi $200 to $500 and upmarket facilities that fall between $800 to $3000 per night All the prices are usually per room, per night on bed and breakfast basis so it might be slightly different if you are booking a full board package.


Lastly, porters can be very handy and can enhance your Gorilla trekking experience as they help with your equipment and can give a hand during the difficult points of the trek. Porters can be hired at $10 to $20 each, per trek depending on what is there to carry. The guide is provided for in the price of the permit so you may not need to hire one.

Most banks in larger towns have international ATMs. Credit cards are not often taken outside cities and higher-end tourist hotels.


Tipping is common in the cities these days due to the large international presence. Rwandan salaries are low and a tip of about 10% will be appreciated.

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