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USD $50

  • Dorm bed or tent: US$17–30
  • Simple meal: US$4–5
  • Pubic Bus to Parrk: US$3
  • Motor-bike around town: US$1


$50 – 100

  • Standard Double room in a boutique hotel or guest house: US$40–70
  • Meal in a restaurant or cafe: US$7–15
  • Public Bus to park: US$3
  • Taxi around town: US$4


$100 – 250

  • Standard Double room luxury hotel: US$150-200
  • Meal in a 5 Star hotel US$15-30
  • 4X4 S.U.V Car hire per day US$100–$200

Most banks in larger towns have international ATMs. Credit cards are not often taken outside cities and higher-end tourist hotels.


Tipping is common in the cities these days due to the large international presence. Rwandan salaries are low and a tip of about 10% will be appreciated.