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Rwanda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. This landlocked country is found in  East Africa. The country is characterized with mountainous landscape that has earned it the nickname “Land of a Thousand Hills.” The country is most known for hosting the endangered mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park.

Rwanda is blessed to be among the only three countries in the world where one can see the endangered mountain gorillas in the world. These great apes are jealosuly protected in the Virunga Massif in the northern part of the country.

Apart from the mountain gorillas, there are lots of other things to see in Rwanda given the amazing sights and sounds, unique culture, great scenic beauty etc. Here are some of the best things to see in Rwanda;

Birds – Rwanda is also one of Africa’s top birding countries, with an incredible 670 different bird species recorded. Botanists will enjoy the gorgeous wildflowers of the forests and mountains, capped by more than 100 orchid species in Nyungwe forest alone.


The country hosts the endangered chimpanzees in two national parks; Nyungwe Forest National Park and Giswati Mukura National Park.

Most Popular Places to Visit in Rwanda

The Nyungwe Forest National Park has a large tract of mountain forest and is rich in biodiversity. Guided walks and chimpanzee tracking is offered.

Lake Kivu has recreational facilities as well, but there is still significant potential that could be developed.

Getting There:

From Kigali, you need to get to Muzanze. Muzanze is a 90 minute drive from Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali. You can either hire a private care or take a public taxi minibus. From there, you need to get to Kinigi, where the trip begins. Vehicles can be hired for this purpose in Musanze town.

On the day of you are scheduled to trek, you must present yourself for briefing at the RDB Tourism & Conservation offices situated at the prefecture offices in Kinigi at 7:00 AM.


RDB Tourism & Conservation currently has English and French speaking trained guides as well as a team of 80 trained gorilla trackers many of whom speak French or English.


The climate in Musanze is changeable and you can generally expect both sun and rainfall during the day. At 1,700m above sea level, the city is generally quite cold, particularly in the evening, so warm clothing is advised.